woe horsey

Woe Horsey is Priscilla Costa, Tahina Awan, and Jessica Gabriel.  Shapeshifters from the 7th Dimension, they met several lifetimes ago as clown-witches and made a soul contract to reincarnate and cast spells together.   Upon finding a golden donkey turd in the 13th century, the trio set out to conjure the spirit of trickster.  Woe Horsey share a curiosity in both the comedy and pathos of life/death, courageously digging up the raw embodied human experience – tender, absurd, tragic and playful – through character shapeshifting, bouffon, puppetry manipulation, ecstatic or absurd movement and magic.  This astral dream continues to manifest itself in the 21st century with Woe Horsey conjuring a golden turd nugget for Theatre Under the Gun 2020 Festival (Social Distancing Edition).


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