rate of loss

‘Get off, get off! can’t you see

‘Why did you not leave me alone?’ asked the rock.


in response, the child said, “because I was afraid. afraid I would not see you again. and I could not bear that thought.” -megan hollingsworth

ocean front

crest crop



ocean rock zoom



salmon rock cropped



ocean painting full blur
“pebbles beach/salmon rock”, acrylic on canvas (full painting 5 feet x 2.5 feet), Jessica Gabriel, 2018

skyspat out a little flame

birdspiral spit
detail from birdspiral painting

warming mind

swaying girth
spanning time
brief pockets of sun
(the streaming kind)

lantern domes make muffled sounds
(momentarily illuminating mine)

flickering embers in campfire’s bowl
little lapping, licking flames
jamming survival in newborn coal
this fire is never tame

-jessica gabriel (2008)

summit moves with the tide

mountain memori
“mountain memory” (kelly’s tongariro) acrylic on canvas, (2 X 1.5 ft.) Jessica Gabriel, 2015.


Snow Mountains


A bird flies up from the mountain

larger than the mountain

and down

heart on the mountain


two brown glaciers

of feathers melting


-Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge