a sea grit sighed project using tape loops and (un)sound textures in exp(lore)ation of the moment

>>> tape loop : a piece of film or magnetic tape whose ends are spliced together so as to project or play back the same material c o n t i n u o u s l y


tay_ploops is allsew
lo_fyi sketches
from handheld
casse-tête tape
reek or dings

fine fingered free assemblage co.llawj
humming rituals
unstuck ukulele trance
multiple old tapes synchro
wøkman rêvival
dream journal excerpts
jawharp_inky twiddles
why’d in eye
whirr’d play
watt have use
wyrd why knots
gaia gaga

all instrue’mints played by moi unlessotherwize stay_did

in joy



©2002 – 2018 Jessica Gabriel – All sounds are copyright of the artist.

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