photo by chloe z

jessica gabriel is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in vancouver, be sea, canada on unceded coast salish territories.  she works as a life model, and (since 2003) is artistic co-director of mind of a snail puppet co.

jessica earned a bachelor of fine arts in painting from ubc in 2002, and also studied at l’école nationale supèrieure des beaux arts in paris, france.

jessica holds a permaculture design certificate; is a founding member of the ASSEMBLY: an all-womxn & non-binary clown collective; and she performs experimental music/found sounds under the name “tay_ploops”.

the roots of their language are in 10+ years of french immersion; and before that she learned sign language from the cat.  jessica’s first spoken word was “bird”; and shi still often tweets.

jessica has a strong affinity to the natural whirl’d & can often be found crawling the ground with many feelers, collecting and layering debris onto her homemade shell.. .  .

click here for Jessica’s full CV

questions/contact  jessicagabriel(at)gmail(dot)calm

©2002 – 2019 Jessica Gabriel – All images are copyright of the artist.


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